Program updates and details for 2017/2018 school year

What are?

  • Classes: Classes 1 to 1.5 hours per week for 6 weeks. Classes introduce and develop a specific STEAM tool and/or skill.
  • Clubs: Clubs are longer programs, about 1.5 to 2 hours for 12 weeks. Clubs are an opportunity for students to advance their knowledge in a topic area with multiple tools and skills. Students will participate in larger projects and have input over the direction of the club.
  • Seasonal Robotics: 12 week Fall and Spring programs in which students will learn basic robotics and teawork. Students will work on teams or 4-6 for FLL and 2-3 for VEX. In FLL students will participate in a regional competition at the end, in VEX we create our own "in house" competition at Einstein's Workshop.
  • Homeschool: Homeschool is a Wednesday day program giving students an opporunity to come learn STEAM as part of their regular Homeschool education. Homeschool programs are taught "Club" style.
  • After School Partnerships: For 2017/2018 Einstein's Workshop will continue taking our programs to local after school programs. See our After School page or ask your local school if a class is available to you!

Other 2017/2018 Questions

  • Newton. Are you offering any programs in Newton? Unfortunately we will not have class space in Newton this year. However, check our Newton Community Education (NCE) for after school programs. You can also use this form to give us your email, demonstrate your interest, and be the first to hear if we open a space again!

General Questions

  • Do I need to make a reservation for a drop-in? No, you are welcome to drop-in any time that we're open! For hours, check out the bottom of our page.
  • Will my toddler have anything to do in the drop-in space? We try hard to make sure no one is bored in our space. While older siblings are in class, or utilizing our drop-in toys, younger siblings can use our toddler section with duplo, a toy kitchen, toy tools, life size (cardboard) bricks, puzzles, books, and more.
  • Will my teenager have anything to do in the drop-in space? We try hard to make sure no one is bored in our drop-in space. We have puzzles, brain teasers, books, and games for teens and adults. Our computer lab is loaded with interesting software including CAD tools, Minecraft, and web access.
  • It's snowing! Are you still open? If it looks like a snow day, check our website and/or Facebook page. We'll post our closing right on the home page.
  • Do you offer gift cards? We do offer gift cards. You can call us at 781-202-5645 to inquire.
  • Do you allow nuts at Einstein's Workshop? We ask that all food brought to Einstein's Workshop be nut-free.
  • Do I get to keep the things that I make? For the toys available in the drop-in space (LEGOs, Zome, K'nex, Kapla) the answer is generally no. However, some workshops and classes will have take-home activities, so check individual descriptions for details.
  • Can I use your 3D printer or laser cutter? The 3D printer and laser cutter are currently for class use only.


Class FAQs

  • The class says “Grades 3-6” but I think my 2nd grader can handle it. Can I enroll them anyway? Yes and No. We choose the age ranges for our classes for a number of reasons, including concepts that students will have encountered, appropriate cohorts, maturity and development. While we generally like to stick to the grade ranges provided, inquire with us and we can help find an appropriate class for your student.
  • What if I want to transfer to a different class, or I need to cancel a class? See our complete class policies here
  • Can you come to my school and give a class? Maybe! We offer a sub-set of our standard classes at off-site locations. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.
  • What is your vacation class make-up policy? Sorry, we do not offer make-ups for vacation classes.