Summer Camp Policies - Abridged

You can download a copy of our full policies in pdf by clicking HERE

Please read these policies carefully as they pertain to Einstein's Workshop Summer Camp.


Students must be registered and paid for a specific class, time and duration before the beginning of the first day. Students will be able to attend classes only during the time that they are registered and must be picked up at the end of their registered class.

Parents must fill out all applicable forms through the Campbrain Einstein's Workshop registration portal before attending camp (including: Agreement Forms, Medical and Immunizations).



Drop-off is from 8:45am to 9:00am

During drop-off an adult parent or guardian MUST accompany their student, regardless of age, into the facility to Sign-in. The guardian should check the sign-in sheet to make sure that the person picking up is listed on the sign-in sheet. If another person will be picking up the child the guardian dropping-off must designate that person in writing


Pick-up is at 4:00pm

During pick-up an adult parent or guardian MUST enter the building to sign-out their student, regardless of age. Proper identification (i.e. valid driver’s license, passport or other government ID) is required to pick up.

Late Pick-up – Extended Play

An extended day option will be available from 4:00-5:45pm for ages 6 and up for an additional charge of $20 per day (limited availability). However, this option must be registered for in advance. Late pick-ups are subject to a $40 fee, and repeated late pick-up may be grounds for expulsion without refund.

Snack and Lunch

Please provide your child with a nut-free snack for each class. We will also provide a limited snack option if you do not wish to pack snack. We have a water fountain and sell snacks/bottled water for $1 each if you prefer to send money with your child.

If your child is taking both morning and afternoon classes, please pack a nut-free lunch each day. We will be taking a staff-supervised lunch break from 12:00-1:00 pm.

Children will not have access to the refrigerator or microwave. Please pack meals in sealed, insulated food-storage containers, with cooling packs enclosed as needed. Please do not pack hot meals. Dropping off lunch at lunch time is permitted.

If an all-day student does not have a lunch, we will contact you so you may bring a lunch. If Einstein’s Workshop must provide a lunch to a camper, you may be charged an additional $50 for each day when this occurs.

*Nut Free Facility

Due to the prevelance of nut, tree-nut and peanut allergies among children age K-8, we have chosen to be a Nut Free Facility. ALL FOOD, snacks, lunches and beverages should be completely free of nuts. Failure to provide nut free food may result in the child being moved to a seperate area while eating and notification of the parent/guardian.

Health & Safety

We care about the health and safety of your child. Please note that you may request a copy of our staff background check procedures, discipline policies, and health policies at any time.

Camper Injury/Illness Policies

In the event that a child is injured or ill (or suspected to be ill) with a communicable disease, or is otherwise in need of quiet and rest, they will be isolated in the infirmary with adult supervision. You may be asked to take the child home as promptly as possible. If your child is simply in need of rest or minor first aid, he/she may return to class when feeling better. We will inform you should any treatment take place.

Required Health Forms

Health forms are required for each student and will be collected upon registration. Information required for each student are:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • General Health Information
  • Medication Authorization Form (if any medications are required on-site)
  • In addition to this, the Massachusetts Board of Health requires that all campers submit certification of immunizations. These may be obtained from your doctor.

Photo Release

As part of the Einstein's Workshop Summer Camp program we will be taking photos for weekly updates. As a participant in the Einstein's Workshop Summer Camp you agree that pictures of you and your child may be taken and used for promotional materials.

Please contact the media director if pictures of your child can not be taken at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Einstein's Workshop is not responsible for any student's items or objects. Students should not bring any toys or other valuables to Einstein's Workshop. Items found at Einstein's Workshop will be stored in the Lost in Found which is donated to charity once every month.


This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the board of health."


Call: 781 - 202 - 5645
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.