Join The Einstein's Workshop Minecraft Servers

At Einstein's Workshop we only use Minecraft JAVA Edition on a PC, Mac or Linux. We use the JAVA edition because it enables us to use and create mods which protect the students, engender creativity and a enhance a positive learning environment. Regular PC and Mac (aka Bedrock Edition), Playstation, Xbox and Pocket Edition will not work on our servers

Our servers are for class use only. For a list of current offerings see our website homepage.


Purchasing Minecraft JAVA Edition - Two Methods

If you do not own a version of Minecraft then you will need to create a login and purchase Minecraft JAVA Edition.

PDF Instructions to Install Minecraft JAVA Edition Login - Download and Install - Primary Method

Amazon Key Purchase - If the Minecraft Website will not accept your credit card
If the Minecraft website is having issues with your credit card we recommend that you purchase through Amazon and use the key sent to your email to download and install the game using the login you created at


Join the Server

To join Minecraft you will have to make sure that your Minecraft is set to the right version and that you have the correct multiplayer server. To join the the server use the link provided when you sign up for the class.

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Discord Social Chat

We often use a Discord server to enable voice chat between the students while playing Minecraft. We use the Discord server because it is lightweight and will run on most computers without interfering with Minecraft. To join the discord use the link provided when you sign up for the class.

Note. We use single use, dedicated URLs for each class which do not require a login. We recommend that you strongly consider whether you want to make an account for your student. Discord is an open chat system which is very powerful and open to a very wide world when you have an account.

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