About Our Classes

Science is for Everyone! Whether you're five or fifty, you can enjoy the creative side of science and technology. At Einstein's Workshop, all our classes are hands-on. You'll build with LEGOs, create simple machines; construct buildings, roller coasters, even ancient and modern civilizations in Minecraft; design puzzles and jewelry using open-source CAD software that you'll then fabricate using our laser cutter and 3D printer; or program your own games using Scratch and Arduino. We make science, math, and technology accessible and fun.

LEGO Robot solves a Rubik's CubeR is for Robotics Einstein's Workshop grew out of a FIRST LEGO League, so we have a strong emphasis on robotics. In addition to FIRST and Jr. FIRST leagues, we offer classes in LEGO robotics using WeDo for grades 1-4 and Mindstorms for grades 3 and up. When you're ready to move beyond LEGOs, we also have a FIRST Tech Challenge team.

Minecraft Statue of LibertyMinecraft Opens Worlds Minecraft is an online platform for creating just about anything using a wide variety of materials. It's a great medium for teaching basic principles of architecture and features a system for virtual electrical engineering called Redstone that models real circuitry without all the soldering. Minecraft also teaches those intangible skills like teamwork and cooperation.

Tesselated ElephantsThe Power of Math Math is all around us, and our classes demonstrate the cool side of math, from 3D design to Minecraft geometry. In fact, nearly every class at Einstein's Workshop uses math in some way, demonstrating the practical use of mathematics to calculate trajectories, design laser-cut art, and program robots.

Children show laser-cut creations.Join the Maker Movement From wearable electronics to laser-cut jewelry to soldering circuit boards, we've got a class for that. With open-source CAD software, 3D printers, and laser cutters, we teach students how to design and fabricate their own toys, tools and gadgets.