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What accommodations can you make for children with special needs?

Children with special needs and health conditions are extremely welcome at Einstein’s Workshop. Children with ADHD, on the autism spectrum, other developmental challenges, learning differences, and special physical needs often do very well in our offerings. As part of the registration process, we ask for full disclosure about a child’s challenges so we can ensure […]

Will the kids go outside?

Definitely! Many camps, especially those involving experimentation, have an outdoors component. Also, whenever the weather allows, we eat lunch and snack outside, after which kids are also given the option to play outside with fun and appropriate outdoor toys.

Can I sign my child up for just a few days instead of a whole week?

The content of our camps build day over day so joining after the first day is challenging. In addition, in many of our camps, kids work together so it can be disruptive for students to leave part way through the week. That said, we can usually accommodate a camper missing a single day; there would […]

Do you provide lunch?

Most families pack lunch and snacks for their children. We have a small selection of Lunchable-type options that parents can purchase for their kids during morning drop-off.