Boffer Building: Foam Equipment for Modern Knights

Modern knights can’t burden themselves with cumbersome steel armor and heavy swords. In this class, students learn how to make boffer weapons and basic foam armor, with an emphasis on safety, creativity, and style! The class includes directions for building with readily-available materials. We also look at more advanced techniques and materials. At the end […]

Stop Motion Animation

What’s more fun than making movies!? Learn the fundamentals of movie making and stop motion animation. Learn how to tell a great story, design sets, and develop characters. Then create your own mini flick!

Model Home Design

You start with walls, a roof, and two floors. The rest is up to you! Learn how to wire light switches and modify templates. Become proficient with measurement and vector design. Watch in awe as our laser cutter helps bring your designs to life. As the architect, builder, electrician, and interior decorator, assemble the home […]

Digital Art

Welcome to the world of freehand Digital Art! Students learn sophisticated computer art software to make incredible images. We use drawing tablets so students have all their tools and skills at their fingertips. As they learn to use these amazing tools, students also learn fundamental art skills such as color, composition, and layering.

Computer Art and Making Things

Modern “making” is so much more than just working with our hands. Using computers and technology, we can make anything look cool! Learn computer art and design programs to make awesome images and art. Then apply what you learned to make cool and useful objects on our laser cutter that you get to take home!

Advanced 3D Printing

For students who’ve gotten a taste of 3D-printing, and now they want more! Learn advanced modeling techniques, such as abstraction, recursion, and designing prints that can move or are made to fit real-life objects. And then you need to think about the 3D-printer itself. BlocksCAD has the tools to create anything you have a mind […]

3D Printing Design

Design intricate 3D-printable objects using BlocksCAD, a free online program developed here at Einstein’s Workshop! Our easy-to-learn software makes coding and 3D design as simple as dragging and dropping blocks of editable code. Each block modifies 3D shapes to create models unique to your style. Develop an intuitive understanding of coordinate geometry while turning their […]

Java Minecraft Modding

Ever wanted to craft diamonds from dirt, smelt up some bedrock, or add your own custom Minecraft blocks? Modifications, or “Mods,” are one of the coolest things about the Minecraft community. In this class, we’ll get you started using Java coding to write your own mods. Some previous programming experience recommended. Must be able to […]

Intro to Java Animation and Games

Learn Java programming in a fun, visual, and interactive way. Make pictures, animations, and games that will wow your family and friends! No previous programming experience required. Must be able to touch type.

My First Minecraft Mod, an Introduction to Computer Programming

Learn to create your own Mods for Minecraft and get an introduction to programming while you’re doing it! We use Code Kingdoms, an intuitive coding interface thats allows students to program on several levels, ranging from “block coding” to more complex Java. This class is a great introduction to programming with no prior experience required!