Handmade Robots and Upcycled Machines

Have you ever wanted to make your own robot? We’ll teach you how to make all the moving parts! In Handmade Robots and Upcycled Machines, learn about mechanics and motion using everyday materials, electric components, engineering, creativity, and problem solving. Build a hydraulic arm, an electric car, the “Big Hand,” and much more!

Build an Arduino Robot

Build and program a real robot! Favored by hobbyists and professionals alike, Arduino is a powerful open-source computer and electronics tool for design, testing, and prototyping. In Build an Arduino Robot, students will learn the basics of buttons, switches, potentiometers, LED and motor control, and programming.

Great Ball Contraption Rube Goldberg Machine

A great ball contraption is a machine that receives balls from one module and passes them to another, like a bucket brigade. Students build intricate dynamic modules using VEX construction sets then combine them into a collaborative fantastic Rube Goldberg machine!

VEX Robotics Challenge

VEX IQ Robotics is a team robotics challenge. Students work with a partner to design and build a controller driven robot to earn points on a challenge board. This class culminates in an in-house robotics competition where parents and the public are invited to watch students show off their robots and compete for points!


During the fall (September to December), students can register for FIRST LEGO League (aka FLL) to participate in a global competition in which they will be assigned an Einstein’s Workshop staff member as a coach to progress their team through the season’s challenge. In addition to the robotics challenge course, there is also a research […]

Advanced Robotics with LEGO

Are you interested in robotics? In Advanced Robotics with LEGO, we’ll take you from the basics of building and movement to advanced navigation, sensors, and teaching the robot how to make decisions for itself! LEGO provides a great system to easily build your robot then use the drag-and-drop coding software to give it commands. This […]

Program MBot Robots with Scratch

MBots are arduino-based robots with motors and advanced sensors. This class introduces robotics and programming concepts through a series of fun and exciting challenges. Use Scratch, an easy to learn point-and-click programming tool, to write programs that read data from the robot’s sensors and send commands to its mechanical parts. Be amazed when mBot comes […]

FLL Robotics Skills

Are you new to FIRST LEGO League? If you are curious about competition but more interested in building robots than in the innovation project, then FLL Robotics Skills is the class for you! Dive into the world of LEGO robotics and complete missions on a real FLL competition board, without the pressure of team competition. […]

LEGO Engineering Expo

Jr. FIRST LEGO League is back with a new name! Expand your LEGO Robotics skills while exploring a cool science challenge. In LEGO Engineering Expo, students will work on three components as a team. 1) Research the chosen challenge subject, guided by our instructors. 2) Create motorized LEGO creations to show how to solve the […]

Amazing LEGO Machines

Learn how basic mechanics can combine with LEGO to make amazing machines! Make a truly fast car, extender claws, cranes, and more! Explore gears and belt drives and when to use them. This class focuses on mechanics and engineering with human power. With cranks, winches, and pulleys, there is no need for motors or programming.