Young Inventors Squad

Become an engineer and make working models that solve real problems! This is your chance to design and build your own cool inventions using everyday objects and recycled materials!

Virtual Space Missions with Kerbal Space Program

Students use Kerbal Space Program (KSP) to develop their own space missions including rocket design, launch, and orbit. KSP realistically simulates the flight and behavior of the student’s spaceship. It also provides an exciting and intuitive environment for learning about space exploration, from rocket design to control to orbital mechanics. You’ll learn how to create […]

Vex Robotics Challenge

Image show a robot made with VEX, a robotics tool similar to LEGO Mindstorms. The Vex robot has a grabber claw on the front with a motor, and four wheels.

VEX IQ Robotics is a team robotics challenge. Students work with a partner to design and build a controller driven robot to earn points on a challenge board. This class culminates in an in-house robotics competition where parents and the public are invited to watch students show off their robots and compete for points!

Treasure Hunters!

Are you ready for an adventure? Don’t forget your map! Maps and diagrams help us figure out our location in relation to a place, and help us discover all sorts of treasures along the way. In this class, we’ll make pirate’s treasure maps, blueprints, and physical maps! We’ll explore street maps, diagrams, globes, solar system […]

Stop Motion Animation

What’s more fun than making movies!? Learn the fundamentals of movie making and stop motion animation. Learn how to tell a great story, design sets, and develop characters. Then create your own mini flick!

STEAM Through the Ages: Chemistry

There are lots of great chemistry experiments that kids can safely do, and we have some favorites! Make a chemical battery to power a light. Recreate the process Marie Curie used to isolate Radium (without the radioactivity). Make color changing paintings using natural pH indicators. See the structure of DNA discovered by Rosalind Franklin using […]

Puzzles and Problem-Solving

Welcome to the secret world of mathematicians! Mathematicians play by asking interesting questions and investigating possible solutions. Think like a mathematician, experiment with ideas, and see what you can discover. Through hands-on activities, explore areas of math not usually taught until college. Visit lands of higher dimensional geometry, tessellations, probability, and topology. From brain-teasers to […]

Program MBot Robots with Scratch

MBots are arduino-based robots with motors and advanced sensors. This class introduces robotics and programming concepts through a series of fun and exciting challenges. Students write Scratch programs to receive data from the robot’s sensors and send commands to its mechanical parts. Be amazed when mBot comes to life as it moves, changes direction, avoids […]

My First Minecraft Mod, an Introduction to Computer Programming

Learn to create your own Mods for Minecraft and get an introduction to programming while you’re doing it! We use Code Kingdoms, an intuitive coding interface thats allows students to program on several levels, ranging from “block coding” to more complex Java. This class is a great introduction to programming with no prior experience required!

Minecraft: Creating Camelot

Image shows a teacher in historical plate armor holding his hand out to a child.

Take a virtual tour of a Motte-and-Bailey fort (a late medieval castle), and learn how and why they were built. Try on real pieces of armor crafted from cloth, leather, and steel, but no diamonds–sorry! Handle replica tools and weapons in a safe environment. Learn about the materials used in medieval equipment and architecture and […]