LEGO Junior Engineers

New to LEGO robotics? Then this is the class for you! Students investigate motorized LEGO models and learn about gears, belts, and motors. After building each model, students solve challenges that exercise their creativity and problem solving skills in addition to improving their understanding of how machines work!


During the fall (September to December), students can register for FIRST LEGO League (aka FLL) to participate in a global competition in which they will be assigned an Einstein’s Workshop staff member as a coach to progress their team through the season’s challenge. In addition to the robotics challenge course, there is also a research […]

Advanced Robotics with LEGO

Are you interested in robotics? We’ll take you from the basics of building and movement to advanced navigation, sensors, and teaching the robot how to make decisions for itself! LEGO provides a great system to easily build your robot then use the drag-and-drop coding software to give it commands. This is a great first step […]

Amazing LEGO Machines

Learn how basic mechanics can combine with LEGO to make amazing machines! Make a truly fast car, extender claws, cranes, and more! Explore gears and belt drives and when to use them. This class focuses on mechanics and engineering with human power. With cranks, winches, and pulleys, there is no need for motors or programming.