Virtual Space Missions with Kerbal Space Program

Students use Kerbal Space Program (KSP) to develop their own space missions including rocket design, launch, and orbit. KSP realistically simulates the flight and behavior of the student’s spaceship. It also provides an exciting and intuitive environment for learning about space exploration, from rocket design to control to orbital mechanics. You’ll learn how to create […]

Minecraft Roller Coaster Design

Build your own roller coaster in Minecraft using minecarts, powered rails, and redstone! Will your coaster pass through underground caverns? Will it soar high into the air? Students employ engineering, sequential logic, and spacial reasoning to answer these and other questions. The only limit to your roller coaster is your imagination!

Minecraft Storytelling

Telling a good story is a powerful skill. It can help you be creative, show off your talents, convince people of a point of view, and even promote yourself. In Minecraft Storytelling, students work in small groups to outline plots, describe scenes, and write scripts. Then they create backdrops and set scenes inside Minecraft! Students […]

Minecraft Theme Park

Design your own theme park inside Minecraft! Using minecarts, powered rails, redstone, and more, students will build everything from roller coasters to bumper boats to concession stands to zoos! Will your coaster pass through underground caverns? Will your games be rigged in your favor? Students employ engineering, sequential logic, and spacial reasoning to answer these […]

Minecraft: Creating Camelot

Image shows a teacher in historical plate armor holding his hand out to a child.

Take a virtual tour of a Motte-and-Bailey fort (a late medieval castle), and learn how and why they were built. Try on real pieces of armor crafted from cloth, leather, and steel, but no diamonds–sorry! Handle replica tools and weapons in a safe environment. Learn about the materials used in medieval equipment and architecture and […]

Minecraft Architecture

Minecraft is more than just a game, it is a creative tool that allows players to create and experience feats of engineering, amazing structures, and epic works of art. Tour the Parthenon! Be awed by Notre Dame’s beauty! Will you be fooled by the false tomb or find the real one in the Taj Mahal? […]

Minecraft Junior Adventures

Do you want to learn how to play Minecraft? Join us on an epic adventure as we work together to explore, build and learn about this amazing environment. How do people recreate real world architecture? Why is this game so fun and why is it considered educational? Find the answers to these questions and more! […]

Minecraft Math Adventure

Your child is invited to establish a colony on a Minecraft planet! To get the colony running, we’ll need the help of our ship’s automated systems. To activate the systems, students solve puzzles using pattern recognition, ratios, measurement, and more. Come join the adventure and put your flag on a new planet!

Minecraft Parkour

Learn how to create and run obstacle courses in Minecraft, including block hopping, disappearing floors, and more! Using Redstone programming and circuits, students will learn to create challenging escape rooms, testing their agility and puzzle solving skills!

Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Take Minecraft Engineering to the next level with Redstone! Redstone is a type of circuit used in the Minecraft world to make digital devices of all kinds. Learn how to wire buildings, create lights, hide doors, automate many parts of the game, and even implement computer logic.