Treasure Hunters!

Are you ready for an adventure? Don’t forget your map! Maps and diagrams help us figure out our location in relation to a place, and help us discover all sorts of treasures along the way. In this class, we’ll make pirate’s treasure maps, blueprints, and physical maps! We’ll explore street maps, diagrams, globes, solar system […]

Young Inventors Squad

Become an engineer and make working models that solve real problems! This is your chance to design and build your own cool inventions using everyday objects and recycled materials!

Puzzles and Problem-Solving

Welcome to the secret world of mathematicians! Mathematicians play by asking interesting questions and investigating possible solutions. Think like a mathematician, experiment with ideas, and see what you can discover. Through hands-on activities, explore areas of math not usually taught until college. Visit lands of higher dimensional geometry, tessellations, probability, and topology. From brain-teasers to […]

STEAM Through the Ages: Chemistry

There are lots of great chemistry experiments that kids can safely do, and we have some favorites! Make a chemical battery to power a light. Recreate the process Marie Curie used to isolate Radium (without the radioactivity). Make color changing paintings using natural pH indicators. See the structure of DNA discovered by Rosalind Franklin using […]

Intro to Electronics: Fun with Circuits

In this hands-on class, students learn the basics of electronics and the principles of circuitry. Students bring their learning to life by making motors spin, lights shine, and speakers blare! By the end of class, students will get to take home a flashlight they built from genuine electrical components.

Fun with Things that Fly

Ready, set, take off! From paper airplanes to rockets, we’ll make all sorts of flying inventions while exploring aerodynamics and how things move through the air. Students make, test, and reinvent catapults, kites, parachutes, and more as we explore the laws of physics and the forces that keep objects afloat. Lessons will be just “plane” […]

Being Newton: Fun with Physics

Students enjoy entertaining and educational science experiments to gain an understanding of Physics including Newton’s First, Second, and Third Laws of Motion, Newton’s Law of Gravity, and more. They’ll build boats and rockets, make and play with marble runs and catapults, and tackle many other fun physics projects.