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Game Learning

Play is one of the greatest methods for teaching children. While all of our classes are fun, Game Learning takes it to the next level. From learning the social etiquette of playing games, to learning about electronics and the physics of orbital mechanics, to just plain fun, students will love their time in Game Learning […]

Making and Inventing

The tools of the future are here and they are changing the way we build and design. At Einstein’s Workshop, students have access to a number of modern tools and supplies. They learn about physics, design, engineering, electronics, 2D design, 3D modeling and printing, and much more. Over the course of our Making and Inventing […]


Robotics focuses on two core elements: Engineering and Programming. Students begin their robotics exploration using familiar tools like LEGO. They learn about gears, belts, motors, and movement. They also learn how to program their creations to perform simple tasks. As they grow, students are encouraged to think outside the box and build unique solutions to […]


Coding at Einstein’s Workshop is all about gaining confidence and solving problems. At the youngest ages students will play games with other students, learn how to program robots and begin internalizing the language of sequential code. Through the middle school years students will learn primarily though “Block Based Coding” – a computer based system of […]