Einstein’s Workshop will work with you to build the field trip of your dreams. Whether you want to bring an entire grade from your school or a few scouts to work on a badge, we will work with you to design a rewarding field trip to meet your needs.

Some schools tell us they come back year after year because they’re impressed with how well we deal with neurotypical kids and those who need something a little different. For example, we can arrange a quiet room.

Typical field trips last two hours, usually 10 AM – noon, and include two to three 30-50 minute activities.

Students are usually split into 2-4 groups to cycle through all activities.

Pricing starts at $25/child. We don’t charge for adult chaperones. We recommend one chaperone per twelves students.

Email info@einsteinsworkshop.com or call us 781-202-5645 to learn more or schedule your field trip.

Popular choices include:

Build and Launch Rockets (all ages)

Build and launch rockets to see whose will fly the highest.


Introduction to Robotics (Grades K-3)
LEGO Robotics AlligatorStudents will discuss what a robot is then build a basic robot.

Introduction to Robotics (Grades 4+)
Image shows a child working on a LEGO mindstorms robot.Students will discuss what a robot is then build a robot or learn to program already assembled robots. It would take two hours for kids to assemble and learn to program the robots but that’s an option too.

Tower building (all ages)
Each student or team of students builds a tower. See who can build the tallest tower!

Introduction to 3D Printing (Grades 3+)
Heard about 3D printers in the news? Although the technology has been around for over 30 years, the personal 3D printer movement makes anything seem possible. In this fast-paced workshop you’ll get to “meet” a 3D printer, discuss the history of the technology, then dive into some basic 3D design. If the kids get excited about this, the 3D-design software we teach is free so they can continue their experimentation at home.

Minecraft Architecture (all ages)
Notre Dame in MinecraftExplore various architectural styles that have been recreated in Minecraft and then design your own buildings inside Minecraft.

Introduction to Programming with Scratch (Grades 2+ though we can do Scratch Jr. with any age)
Learn basic concepts of programming using the incredibly popular programming environment, Scratch, developed by MIT. Scratch is a “block based” programming language where students learn to program by snapping together digital blocks of code. Animate stories and create simple game mechanics. No previous programming experience required! If the kids get excited about this, Scratch is free so they can continue their experimentation at home.

Bridge building workshop (Grades 2+)
Students or teams of students build bridges that must span a certain distance. We then test the bridges to see how much weight they can support.

Earthquake simulation (all ages)
Each student or team of students builds a tower then tests it on our earthquake simulator. See whose tower survives the longest or holds the most weight!