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Celebrate With Us!

Make your next party unforgettable by celebrating at Einstein’s Workshop! We’ll do all the work so you can be a guest at your own party.

Whether you want to explore our STEAM Play Space, play Minecraft, make miniature light sabers or catapults to take home, make robots or a movie, or use our 3-D printers or laser cutter, we’ve got the party for you.

After you review our party options, please fill out the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Types of Parties

Einstein’s Workshop offers three types of parties – Building parties,  STEAM parties, and Premium parties.

Building Party

Two hours of celebrating! 90 minutes in our STEAM Play Space and the last half hour for food and cake.


For Up to 10 Guests

$15 For Each Additional Guest

Building Party Options

So Much To Do

Our STEAM Play Space has a variety of educational and building toys, 3D printer demos, a computer lab, and free wifi for the parents!

Options include LEGO, LEGO motors, K’Nex, Zome math building toys, Anker architectural building blocks, Kapla blocks, lots of fun games, and a toddler area.


The ideal age for our STEAM Play Space is ages 5 and up. We have a toddler area for younger guests but we can’t guarantee that they won’t find a LEGO on the floor so we encourage parents to keep a close eye on our smallest guests.


Two hours of celebrating! Choose a Minecraft Party or a Project Party. 90 minutes for the project and the last half hour for food and cake.


For Up to 10 Guests

$15 For Each Additional Guest

STEAM Party Options

Minecraft Party

You get exclusive use of the Einstein’s Workshop computer lab for up to 90 minutes. You also get an Einstein’s Workshop instructor to teach your friends how to play (if needed) and provide assistance. Minecraft is even more fun with everyone in the same room! 

Project Party

Guests can create a miniature light saber or catapult to take home, build a LEGO robot, hold a competition to build the fastest LEGO car, make and launch a rocket, or enjoy a different instructor led, hands-on project.

Premium Party

Treat your guests to a Premium Project, or use both computer labs, or use one of our computer labs plus enjoy one non-premium project.


For Up to 20 Guests

$25 For Each Additional Guest

Premium Party Options

You get the works! Choose one of our premium projects (see options below), a project and have the computer lab open, have two computers labs for your exclusive use, or choose two projects (at most one premium project).


If you like, you can host your Premium Party when Einstein’s Workshop is not open to the public, so you have exclusive use of our space.

We include three free pizzas and only charge extra for guests beyond 20. ($25 for each additional guest)

Party favors for 12 guests also included. (Additional favors can be purchased.)

Premium Projects

— Stop Motion Animation —

— Laser Cut Boxes —

— 3D Printing —

— LED creatures —

— Custom party —

All Parties Include

  • Complimentary basic paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.
  • Cake cutter for you to use.
  • Exclusive use of our party room for 2 hours.
  • Use of STEAM play space throughout the party.
  • A T-Shirt for the guest of honor.
  • Einstein’s Workshop staff member(s) to assist with the party.