Celebrate With Us!

Note:  We have very few party dates available for Summer 2024 while Summer Camp is in session. We will have party slots available every weekend through Sunday, June 9 and then only Sunday, June 30 and Sunday, July 21. (There may be some wiggle room on other dates for a Premium Party.) We will go back to offering parties every weekend starting Saturday, September 14.

Make your next party unforgettable by celebrating at Einstein’s Workshop! We’ll do all the work so you can be a guest at your own party.

Whether you want to explore our STEAM Play Space, play Minecraft, make miniature light sabers or catapults to take home, make robots or a movie, or use our 3-D printers or laser cutter, we’ve got the party for you.

After you review our party options, please fill out the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Types of Parties

Einstein’s Workshop offers three types of parties – Building parties,  STEAM parties, and Premium parties.

Building Party

Two hours of celebrating! 90 minutes in our STEAM Play Space and the last half hour for food and cake.


For Up to 10 Guests

$20 For Each Additional Guest

Building Party Options

So Much To Do

Our STEAM Play Space has a variety of educational and building toys, 3D printer demos, a computer lab (when not in use for classes), and free wifi for the parents!

Options include LEGO, LEGO motors, K’Nex, Zome math building toys, Anker architectural building blocks, Kapla blocks, lots of fun games, and a toddler area.


The ideal age for our STEAM Play Space is ages 5 and up. We have a toddler area for younger guests but we can’t guarantee that they won’t find a LEGO on the floor so we encourage parents to keep a close eye on our smallest guests.


Two hours of celebrating! Choose a Minecraft Party or one of the Projects listed below. Up to 90 minutes for the project and the last half hour for food and cake.


For Up to 10 Guests

$20 For Each Additional Guest

STEAM Party Options

Minecraft Party

You get exclusive use of the Einstein’s Workshop computer lab for up to 90 minutes. You also get an Einstein’s Workshop instructor to teach your friends how to play (if needed) and provide assistance. Minecraft is even more fun with everyone in the same room! 

Project Party

Guests can create a miniature light saber or catapult to take home, build a LEGO robot, hold a competition to build the fastest LEGO car, make and launch a rocket, or enjoy a different instructor led, hands-on project.

Premium Party

Treat your guests to a Premium Project, or use both of our computer labs, or use one of our computer labs plus enjoy one non-premium project.


For Up to 12 Guests

$50 For Each Additional Guest

Premium Party Options

You get the works! Choose one of our premium projects (see options below), a project and have the computer lab open, have two computers labs for your exclusive use, or choose two projects (at most one premium project).


If you like, you can host your Premium Party when Einstein’s Workshop is not open to the public, so you have exclusive use of our space.

We only charge extra for guests beyond 12.

Party favors for 12 guests also included. (Additional favors can be purchased.)

Premium Projects

— Stop Motion Animation —

— Laser Cut Boxes —

— 3D Printing —

— LED creatures —

— Custom party —

All Parties Include

  • Complimentary basic paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.
  • Cake cutter for you to use.
  • Exclusive use of our party room for 2 hours.
  • Use of STEAM play space throughout the party.
  • A T-Shirt for the guest of honor.
  • Einstein’s Workshop staff member(s) to assist with the party.

STEAM/Project Party Options

Minecraft Party (Grade K+)

Play Minecraft with all your friends! You get exclusive use of the computer lab for up to 90 minutes. An Einstein’s Workshop instructor will teach your friends how to play (if needed) and provide assistance. Minecraft is even more fun when everyone is in the same room!


Two LED lightsabers, made with straws and paper, glowing in blue and pink.

LED Light Sabers (Grade K-3)

Become a Jedi by making your very own light-up lightsaber! Guests make small lightsabers out of materials that will allow them to safely duel. Since a Jedi always needs their trusty lightsaber at all times, guests will take their creations home as party favors.

A catapult made of popsicle sticks and a spoon launches a ball at a wooden block tower.

Build Your Own Catapult (Grade K+)

Channel your inner knight by making your own catapult! Each party guest will be taught to build a catapult and then challenged to make the design even better. When the party ends, each guest gets to take their catapult home as a party favor.

Two children are holding LEGO cars at the top of a ramp, about to release them.

Build and Race LEGO Cars

Learn about speed, gravitational pull, and friction, all under the guise of an exciting party activity – car making! We will explain the basic components of a solid LEGO car, then each party guest will be challenged to build the fastest and farthest-traveling car using a ramp as a starting point. This activity can be a long and engaging one with experimentation and revision of designs. 

Image shows three candy structures, made with various types of gummy candy and toothpicks, on a table. Candy and candy packages are strewn across the table.

Candy Engineering (Grade K+)

Become one with your inner sweet-tooth for this engineering challenge! It’s a spinoff of the classic marshmallow and toothpick challenge, but with additional textures, densities, and shapes. Each guest gets a curated selection of candies to use to build a tower that suits the challenge selected by the party’s host. It may be a height challenge or an earthquake challenge or something else entirely! Be careful not to eat all of your building materials as you work! All candy is made in a nut-free facility.

A lego WeDo Plane on a blue background. The green plane propeller is blurred in motion.

Intro to LEGO Robotics (Grade 1-3)

New to LEGO robotics? Then this is the party for you. Each guest will build the motorized LEGO robotics project of the host’s choice. Choose from a monkey, boat, or two spinning birds. Includes 1 hour of instruction time and 1/2 hour of free play in our Exploration Space.

Curve Stitching (Grade 2+)

Make a beautiful geometric pattern by stitching simple lines. Guests get to take their stitched stars home.

Tower Building

Party guests work together or compete to build the tallest or most interesting tower.

Two Jitterbugs on a table, made of popsicle sticks, pompoms, googly eyes, and pipecleaners. They have small motors connected via wires to coin cell batteries.


Add a little tech to your party by making battery-powered jitterbugs! Each party guest will design and create their own bug that dances around the table! At the end of the party, each guest gets to take their bug home as a party favor. (Additional $5/guest materials fee.)

LEGO Volcano (Grade 2+)

Build a volcano out of LEGO then recreate the classic baking soda and vinegar explosion.

Premium Party Options

Laser-cut Boxes (Grade 4+)

If you’re curious about laser cutting, this is the party for you. Learn how a laser works, how light can cut through materials, and why that’s such a big deal. Using a computer illustration program, students will decorate a wooden box, watch as our laser cutter brings it to life, then assemble it! (12 guest maximum.)

Stop Motion Animation (Grade 4+)

LEGOs are for more than just robotics, they’ve also become an exciting new trend in stop motion animation. Build sets and characters, write storyboards, and create films starring your LEGO creations. Each guest must bring their own phone or tablet for filming. (12 guest maximum.)

3D Printing 101 (Grade 3+)

Heard about 3D printers in the news? Although the technology has been around for over 30 years, the personal 3D printer movement makes anything seem possible. In this fast-paced workshop you’ll get to “meet” a 3D printer, discuss the history of the technology, then dive into some basic 3D design. Includes 1/2 hour of instruction time and 1 hour of free play in our Exploration Space.

Two copies of the same image. Colorful, winged LED creatures made from tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and embroidery floss. The image to the left is brightly lit. The one to the right is dark, with LED lights shining brightly from the creature's wings.

LED Creatures (Grade 1+)

This time-tested craft comes with a twist – not only will party guests get to make their own fairies or monsters, but they will also get to light their creatures up! We have a variety of hair choices, body colors, clothes types, and decorations to make each creature unique and special. In addition, each creature gets wings with LEDs to make them glow! Guests get to take their creatures home as party favors.

Additional Premium Party Options

Party Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the parties held?

Einstein’s Workshop, 25 Adams Street, Burlington, MA  01803

Is it ok if we bring cake, pizza, and other snacks?  

Definitely. We request that it be nut free. We have a large fridge with a freezer large enough for an ice cream cake too.

Can we decorate the party room with a few balloons, tablecloths, etc.?  

Yes. The party room is already somewhat decorated so over half the party families decide that’s just one less thing to worry about. But you are welcome to bring any decorations you like. We will help you hang them up and take them down too.

Can we get there a little early to set up?  How early?  Can we stay a little late to clean up?  How late?

Our goal is that you get to be a guest at the party. We will do all the setup (under your direction so it’s the way you want) and we will do all the cleanup. You can come about 15 minutes early. We can’t promise we’ll be done cleaning the party room from the previous party before then though it’s possible. We’ll need to get you out of the party room at the time your party officially ends so we can get it cleaned up before the next party starts or we close but if your guests linger a bit in our STEAM Play Space, that’s fine. 

How far in advance do you need a final count on children who will be attending?  How many adults are needed and/or allowed?

Please give us an estimate when you book the party and about a week before the party. If the estimate changes drastically closer to the party date, please let us know. By the way, we only charge for the children who actually attend the party. If someone RSVPs yes but doesn’t arrive, we won’t charge you.

Also, for children’s parties, we only charge for the kids. It’s up to you whether you tell parents this is a drop-off party or encourage or allow them to stay.

Is there staff there to assist the kids (and parents!) figure out how to build the project(s)? 

Yes, our staff will lead all project(s). Our goal is that parents get to be guests at the party.

Is there an alternative project if some kids aren’t into our chosen project?

This never really happens. But if someone isn’t interested in the party activity, the party room is right off our STEAM Play Space which is a 2000 square foot room full of educational toys. All your guests will have access to the STEAM Play Space throughout the party, including a toddler area and a table where kids are encouraged to draw right on the table.

What do the kids do during a Building Party?

The kids will have access to all the toys in the STEAM Play Space. Our staff will help the kids find something fun to do so the parents can relax.

What is the parking situation?

There’s plenty of parking. We’re in a cul de sac where almost all the other businesses are closed on weekends. So in the very rare case that our parking lot overflows, there is plenty of parking extremely nearby.