Amazing LEGO Machines

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Monday, August 28, 2023

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Friday, September 1, 2023
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8:15 am (Early Drop Off)
9:00 am (Morning Start Time)
12:00 pm (Morning End Time)
1:00 pm (Morning Late Pickup)


Learn how basic mechanics can combine with LEGO to make amazing machines! Learn how to make a truly fast car, extender claws, cranes, and more. Learn how gears and belt drives work and when to use them. This class focuses on mechanics and engineering with human power. With cranks, winches, and pulleys theere is no need for motors or programming.

Allanna Chung

Once a student of Einstein’s Workshop herself, Allanna is now excited to be a Teacher! Chung has always loved teaching students and helping to inspire a love of STEAM in young kids. She is particularly passionate at helping kids discover the joys of math, even having co-written The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Math for Kids to help kids all over the world learn just how cool math can be!

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