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Is your child anxious about math? Does she think that she is not as good in math as others? Or that math is boring? Or you think that maybe she is not challenged?

Come and hear an award-winning math teacher, Ms. Tatyana Finkelstein, talk about her experience as a teacher at Diamond Middle School in Lexington and a program that she has developed that is being offered at Einsteins Workshop. She will talk about the use of creative problem solving techniques in a classroom to engage students’ curiosity to develop their interest in math and their critical thinking skills.

Over the years, Ms. Finkelstein has been a mentor and inspiration for many successful Lexington students. She is also a member of Advisory Board of MIT PRIMES and was a counselor at Boston University’s PROMYS for Teachers program.

“She inspires the finest young minds to achieve mathematical success and enjoyment… we can easily attribute our success as a team to the mathematical insight and inspiration she has given us during the most formative years of our lives.” – wrote members of Lexington High School Math Team that competed successfully at a national level.

The presentation will take place at Einstein Workshop location (25 Adams Street, Burlington MA). Please consider pre-registering to help us accommodate all those who sign-up.

When registering please sign up as "1" for a family.

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