Our staff come from diverse backgrounds in engineering, tech, theater, and just about every science, art or math discipline you can think of. The one thing we all share is a passion for inspiring kids in STEM through hands on exploration and project-based learning.  We all love watching those moments when our students figure something out on their own and really start to apply what we’ve taught them to create awesome things.  


Operations Manager
Adam is an expert in 3D modeling, 3D printing and anything related to building, fixing, or designing. A designer by training, and Maker Space alum, He approaches his work as an artist who uses technological tools and materials. Not only will you see Adam as the key point-of-contact in our new Photogrammetry Studio, he also teaches classes in 3D modeling, robotics and maker-tech. He can design and print just about anything in 3D. Seriously. It's like having a 21st century version of MacGyver on staff.


Instructor, Math Sensei
Aaron’s passions include art, learning and teaching math, Legos and ice cream (not necessarily in that order.) A native of Portland, Oregon, he did his undergraduate at MIT; and holds a PhD in Math from Duke. Aaron joined Einstein’s Workshop after spending the last several years focused on raising his engineering-inclined son. His interest in teaching comes from the, to quote, “difficult to describe” joy in seeing that moment of understanding in a student’s face. That is what I am here for. That and the Legos.”


Instructor, Expert in Disguises
With a background in theater tech and an expertise in stage combat, Corey has many years of experience teaching kids in everything from fencing, to history, to STEM. He’s skilled at stage make-up, masks, arms and armor, and the creative application of technology. Corey loves narrative-based learning. In other words, he's responsible for most of our Minecraft scenarios. He also owns a suit of armor.


Assistant Manager, IT Admin
Tristen joined Einstein’s Workshop before we even opened our doors--in fact, he was the first official employee. He's an avid gamer and computer programmer. He knows the ins-and-outs of our computers, our phones, cash registers, and just about any RC flying device you can imagine. Those super popular mini quad copters in our gift shop? Yep. Thank Tristen (and ask him for flying lessons, because he makes it look easy). 


General Manager
Neil spent several years working for the LEGO Company before joining Einstein’s Workshop. He claims he is at Einstein's Workshop because he prefers interacting with children to grown-ups and likes to play the role of STEM-matchmaker - helping kids (and even grown-ups) identify their next step in STEM. We think he's here so he can impress us with his Lego knowledge. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics & Philosophy and a minor in mathematics. In other words, we never see him pick up a calculator for arithmetic.


Henry Houh
Founder, Maker-in-Chief
Henry is the founder and owner of Einstein's Workshop. As a high-tech geek who cares deeply about engaging kids in STEM activities, Henry has volunteered for many science and math activities -- including logging almost 2,000 volunteer hours at the Boston Museum of Science. Henry has been the K-12 outreach coordinator and president of the MIT Club of Boston, chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, and was a vice president of the MIT Alumni Association. He has 7 US and European Patents, has an Erdos-Bacon number of 7, and holds a BS in Physics, and a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, all from MIT. Henry also played on the MIT Blackjack team featured in the movie "21," in which he appeared as a blackjack dealer with the line "winner, winner, chicken dinner!"