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Introducing STEAM Days!

For the 2022-2023 school year, Einstein's Workshop will be offering half and full day STEAM activities on professional development and early release days for the Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Burlington, Lexington, and Winchester public schools. (Email us to ask about adding additional STEAM days to match your school district.)

We'll also be offering half and full day activities on most school holidays.

Example activities include:

  • Build a Moon Base with LEGO
  • Create floating space cities in Minecraft
  • Make working rockets to take home
  • Create a space game in the Scratch programming language
  • Build a Mars rover with LEGO Mindstorms
  • Launch virtual spaceships in Kerbal Space Program
  • Play life-sized board games
  • Make a snow fort in Minecraft
  • Build a "snowball" launcher to take home
  • Create an animatronic LEGO village
  • Build a Minecraft winter wonderland
  • Make a light-up "gingerbread" house to take home

Your kids will have fun (and learn a lot) when school is out!

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